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Ango is well respected amongst the DJ community. He has the support of local DJ's as well as many headlining DJs. His music can be heard worldwide on mix shows and radio, such as Diplo's Revolution and Pitbull's Globalization. Basically, he's a quiet bad ass.

Much like every single other DJ you've ever heard of he saved all of his lunch money since the age of 11 to buy his first set of turn tables by the age of 35. Ango had the love of music and performance instilled in him at an early age, but feared going down the path of band geek. Thankfully, he discovered the art of music production and DJing.

He's a Captain America looking motha fucker, but too shy to talk to your girl, so the ladies will love him, but only from a distance so the guys can carry on partying. Although he may be so pale, that he could be the reason for people rocking sunglasses in the club, he has skillfully mastered the art of reading the room and making sure the bangers are dropped all night long.

Really he's quite a reserved gent, but where words may have failed him, the music never has. So let it do the talking and check out his soundcloud profile.

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