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We are The Morgan Cousins, also known as KNOW GOOD. Know Good is a free-flowing artistic endeavor created by the both of us. One day you might catch us working on an album; the next day we'll be throwing an art show. Our art, along with our music, is genre bending and refuses to be kept in one lane. We bounce around between EDM, r&b, hip-hop, and more often than not find a way to blend them all. You might be listening to an up-tempo dance track, only to have the second half of the song slap you in the face with a chopped up beat breakdown, courtesy of our time spent in Houston. Although our roots will always remain in Reno NV.

We are coming off the release of out debut EP "Art>Money", our first major art show titled "I Need Some Space", as well as our Festival debut playing at Lights all Night in Dallas, TX. If our 2021 was any indication of what's to come, you will not want to miss what we cook up in 2022.

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