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Sylas Morgan, AKA Mr. EASE, is a music producer, writer, visual artist and a devoted open format DJ, along with being 1/2 of the up and coming pop/EDM duo Know Good.

Born into a family with multiple professional musicians, he was naturally drawn to the music of all genres. By the age of 21, the Nevada native took control of the Reno nightlife scene. Doing so by DJing house parties, hosting college block parties, as well as securing residencies at some of the most popular clubs and bars.

However, 'The Biggest Little City" wasn't big enough for his musical ambitions. Following his heart, he had bigger dreams and decided to make the move to the major market of Houston, TX. Becoming the youngest DJ at the time to establish residencies at the hottest clubs in the city, all the while producing original music and working as a commission artist to private events, MR. EASE has made a major impact on the market and ultimately taken H-town by storm.

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