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Truly one of the most exciting export products Miami has to offer these days Amal Nemer is taking the scene by storm since her beginning in 2021. For her music is the greatest treasure to which humanity has access to, that union of different elements that create harmonious melodies since the beginning of time.

According to her is the most powerful and universal tool to connect minds, bodies and souls. And since she was little, she has had the gift of always feeling very connected to music in all its versions, for her this is her place of peace and union, long before deciding to make a career out of it; since it was not always his first choice but without a doubt it was destined to be; and today she is a talented DJ and music producer making her way through the industry by leaps and bounds. Daughter of Lebanese’s Amal Nemer was born on January 31, 1995, in the state of Barinas; Venezuela.

Her classically traned approach to electronic music,brings a uniqueness to her sound much felt through he equalization of the harmonies in her productions.

Her aim is for every time people come to her showsleave them happy and recharged. A sacred spacewhere they can leave problems behind.

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