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Texas based Dj Keelan Foreal, raised in the 4th largest city in America, Downtown Houston, has been exposed to all cultural elements of music since birth. His father played in all kinds of bands from Rockabilly to Salsa and Meringue while influencing Keelan to play instruments such as drums and guitar. Eventually Keelan found his passion for DJing one night whi9le watching DJ Junior Sanchez (famous house DJ) in the late 90s at a local warehouse party. "The way he had the crowd controlled with his style of mixing and the remixes he made with that house music vibe really couldn't make me stop dancing, and that was something I wanted to give to people through my taste of music. I was 15 when I got my first set of turntables and haven't looked back," says Keelan.

Growing up surrounded by all forms of culture from Latin Music / Deep House / Old school hip-hop to main stream and trap, Keelan Foreal can play any format needed to rock the club / bar / fashion show / restaurant. DJing for over 15 years now with tons of club and bar residences, Keelan Foreals ability to adapt to the evolution of DJing and music has kept him as one of the top DJs in Texas. Starting on turntables and record digging to now walking in a club with a simple USB stick using Pioneer, Keelan Foreals style is very unique. His ability to do mashups on the fly and keep the high energy mixing with crowd teasing is what keeps people dancing for hours all night long and his ability to create the sound each club is looking for. His passion to keep you dancing is performed every week at his residency at the top clubs. He is also one of the original creators of, an American based DJ talent collective DJing all over the world.

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